Towards Interactively Improving ML Data Preparation Code via 'Shadow Pipelines'


Data scientists develop ML pipelines in an iterative manner: they repeatedly screen a pipeline for potential issues, debug it, and then revise and improve its code according to their findings. However, this manual process is tedious and error-prone. Therefore, we propose to support data scientists during this development cycle with automatically derived interactive suggestions for pipeline improvements. We discuss our vision to generate these suggestions with so-called shadow pipelines, hidden variants of the original pipeline that modify it to auto-detect potential issues, try out modifications for improvements, and suggest and explain these modifications to the user. We envision to apply incremental view maintenance-based optimisations to ensure low-latency computation and maintenance of the shadow pipelines. We conduct preliminary experiments to showcase the feasibility of our envisioned approach and the potential benefits of our proposed optimisations.

Data Management for End-to-End Machine Learning workshop at ACM SIGMOD